About Our Cemetery

The Country's Oldest (and likely the world's oldest) pet cemetery, Friendship Grove was originally owned by Mr. Frank Myers. Mr. Myers purchased the 43 1/3 acres of land for use as a burial grounds for his own dogs. Mr. Myers eventually extended the privilege of pet burial to his friends.
Following Mr. Myers death in 1937 the property was turned over to the Steuben County Humane Society who agreed to be responsible for the cemetery's up-keep.
In 1935 Mary Agnes Leahy and James Houlihan erected and dedicate the now familiar life-sized statue of an American Indian on the cemetery grounds in honor of Mr. Myers.
Mr. Walter Mason, Humane Officer was the first caretaker of the cemetery following its transfer to the Human Society. His responsibilities included seeing to every aspect of the cemetery's upkeep and function from mowing the lawn to digging the graves. Mr. Mason's expertise in record keeping became world famous and he received requests for information from pet cemeteries around the world for an explanation of his burial record keeping system.
Friendship Grove holds the remains of some famous dogs including; Baron Von Schnapks, a German Police dog and mascot of the U.S.S. Lexington, and Mr. Bum, mascot of the U.S.S. Texas. The graves of each dog are decorated with US Military honors.
Though originally intended as the final resting place for dogs only, the cemetery's 800 to 900 plots now include cats, canaries, a horse and a lion.
Adapted from an article by Bob Oaks appearing in the Evening Tribune 9/21/1988

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Rueben was a rescued Greyhound. A great friend to many and beloved friend to Dr. Jim Hover.

Shaylei Su Nickel

Beloved Lhasa Apso of Bert and Bob Nickel, loyal companion and protector. She will be forever missed.


Dyro was a Patrol/Narcotic dog for the Hornell New York Police Department serving 1998-2001. Dyro was imported from Czechoslovakia titled as a KNPVI.


Flock was a Patrol/Narcotic Police K-9 serving with the Hornell New York Police Department 1992-1998. He was a German import titled SCH I.


Swift was Hornell New York's Police Departments' first Police K-9. He was named after Officer Daniel Swift who was killed in the line of duty. Swift was a Patrol/Narcotic dog serving from 1984-1992. He was a German import titled SCH I

Blue and Tasha

Blue and Natasha "Tasha" beloved friends of Edna Hamilton.


Jamie Dessena, he was trouble from day one, but we adored him. He was our devoted companion for 18 years.


Brandy II, beloved St. Bernard of Leah Kool. Victim of grand mal epilepsy. Only lived 3-1/2 years but gave years of love. His corneas helped a blind dog see. Forever missed.


Climber Dresser was a Hornell Area Humane Society shelter dog, orphaned at the old "bald Hill" shelter. He was always a handsome gentleman, who enjoyed spending his time with kids and other animals. Climber taught us all a lot about love and life. He was a loyal companion to Dick Dresser, spending every waking moment at his side. He will be sadly missed by all of us, including his two best animal pals, Sadie and Lucy.


Ralphina Kool was everyone's baby girl. She was an important part of our family. Instead of being jealous as grandchildren came along she was so protective that she would wait under the crib until visitors left the room. Eventually she had two children of her own. You're sadly missed.

Coco & Carma McFarland

There are no words to express the joy they brought to our lives or the depth of our sorrow at their crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for sharing our lives for a too brief time. God bless you and keep you until we meet again.

Smokey McFarland

"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." -Tennyson. Smokey brought laughter and love to our lives. Although cancer tore him up physically, his spirit never wavered. We miss you, Smokems, and we will meet again. Until then, God bless and keep you. 6/91-12/02

Fritz E. Schultheis

Fritz E. Schultheis was brought into our lives only a few short years ago when we adopted him from the Hornell Area Humane Society. Even though we only had him in our home for 4-1/2 years our hearts will be filled with him for a lifetime. He was a true companion and friend and his presence will be forever missed. Now you can once again romp in the meadows and swim in the ponds and never feel pain again. Sadly missed by Emily, Sammy, Karen, Gary, Elsie, Skoogers, Cuddles, Junior and Zane. Hope you're waiting at the gates of heaven when we come to be with you again. Passed 8/19/2004 - Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.

Baby Bear

This picture depicts his true nature. He was always having a good time and was always happy. He was a rescue dog and he was just plain happy to have love, food and water. We called him our hippy hoppy because he did that when he was happy. He died of Cancer and even to the very end he was happy and making sure he was giving us tons of love as we did him. He passed with a happy attitude even though he didn't feel well. Bear we miss you with all our hearts and hope you are playing right now with all your brothers and sisters who have gone before you. ~Love Mommy and Daddy and the other furbabies.

Rocy McCaffrey

Seeing Rocy would bring a smile to anyone's face! He was very playful and always getting into trouble. His favorite activities were climbing trees (then meowing for help!), rolling around in his kitten tent, chasing bugs and blades of grass outside, and being held by his family while he slept. Upon Rocy's death, Rocy's owner, Derrick McCaffrey adopted a tiny black kitten who he appropriately named, Blackie, from HAHS. Though Rocy's life was sure short, his family still feels very blessed to have had him. Rocy is missed by Derrick, Jack, Patty, Mindy, and Tammy. We love you, Rocy!

Smokey Dessena

We found him as a kitten under a car and he became the love of our lives.

Morris I

Morris I, beloved cat of Leah Kool. He was a fondling on the street. Fed him once and he moved in. Loved by all but especially by his "Mom". He'll be forever missed.

Morris II

Morris II, beloved cat of Leah Kool. Adopted from the local shelter. Only loved his Mom, tolerated the rest of the family. Joined Morris I to share the big litter box in kitty heaven. He, too, will be forever missed.

Skoogers Schultheis

Skoogers Schultheis was the best Blue Point Siamese a family could ask for. He was just another member of the family and traveled with us where ever we went. We will miss him forever.

Frederick G. Moose Dresser

"Fred" came into our lives as a "wild man" found at the Greyhound Terminal in Rochester. After trying the college life in 1983, he was whisked away to safety by my parents. Fred taught my family how to love cats as much as I did. He helped to raise several human kids, teaching them the value of humane education, as well as teaching great lessons in life to several animal friends. His special friend was "Holly" a Black and Tan Coon Hound who he taught to always respect cats! Fred was an awesome friend and teacher, who loved to ride in and on cars, and stay out late at night! We know you are zooming around heaven! If you are not in heaven Fred- we want to be where you are! Sadly missed by, Dick, Betty, Wendy, Mark, Justin, Cody, Lucy, Sadie, Nichole, Jenna and John! You fought a valiant fight with cancer 1983-2003!

WeeTinkle II

WeeTinkle II, beloved family pet of Vicki & "Little" Larry Lorraine. He was born into the family and lived a long healthy life so playful, and loving. He will be cherished forever!

Tidbit Kool

Tidbit Kool was given to our family after another family didn't want him anymore. He taught our family how much love can come from one of God's tiny creatures. He taught our Mom that not all "rodent-like" pets are creepy. Our Mom learned to love him and they became best friends. You are still loved today and sadly missed.


Hammy was a sweet little hamster, who belonged to Derrick McCaffrey. He loved to roll around in his hamster ball and drive his little hamster car around the house. He had another hamster friend named Daisy. Hammy escaped from his cage several times and found his way down in the basement when everyone was sleeping. But when Derrick yelled Hammy’s name, Hammy would always come running! Hammy is missed by everyone whoever held this furry friend.